4 Trusted Wood Working Tool Kit for Your Upcoming Project

Having a complete set of wood working tool kit can make your task much easier. Every woodworker needs good tools to cut, smoothen, and measure the wood to turn it into a piece of art. Purchasing these tools in one package is a brilliant idea to simplify the budget.

The tool kit commonly consists of hand tools like claw hammers, pull saws, utility knives, chisels, squares, and more. What’s inside the package heavily depends on the products that you purchase. Luckily, purchasing the tools in a set tends to be more affordable than buying them separately.

4 Trusted Wood Working Tool Kit

Whether you are a beginner or a professional woodworker, having the best woodworking tools at hand allows you to create a masterpiece out of raw wood material. Here is a short list of the top woodworking hand tool kit to hone your skills.

  1. Kakuri Japanese Saw Set

This Japanese brand is widely known for its high-quality woodworking tool products. It releases an extensive range of tools to support woodworking and joinery, such as hand saws, chisels, knives, and more.

Kakuri Japanese saw set provides you with an authentic quality Japanese tool kit. The package consists of different kinds of hand saw including universal 10-1/2”, semi-fine 10”, rough cut 8-1/4”, and keyhole 4. This wood working tool kit is designed with an oil-finished red oak handle for durability and aesthetic.

  1. Kakuri Japanese Woodworking Tool Set

Kakuri offers a Japanese woodworking tool sets for professional carpenters. A package of woodworking tool set consists of Japanese pull saws, chisels, planes, augers, hammers, and squares. Each product is made of high-quality carbon steel that ensures its strength and durability.

The tool kit is designed exclusively with an oak wood handle for each item. These Japanese tools can be used for various projects, such as musical instrument craftsmen, furniture craftsmen, joinery, and carpentry.

  1. GarretWade Complete Woodworker

GarretWade is another wood working tool kit brand that you can find on the market. It provides you with the Complete Woodworker that comes with a wide array of hand tools for every woodworker.

Ryoba saw is a versatile Japanese saw that has teeth along both blade edges to cut on the pull stroke for a smooth result. There is also a four-piece chisel set with common sizes, in addition to a 60 ½ block plane, smoothing plane, and spokeshave.

  1. Narex Woodworking Chisels Set

If you need different sizes of chisels, having a Narex woodworking chisels set makes your job easier. The tool kit has 6 pieces of chisels in various sizes including ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8, 13/16, and 1 1/16. It comes in a presentation box that boasts an aesthetic touch.

Narex chisels are designed with a wooden handle and alloy steel blade to ensure precise carving or cut. The handle is made ergonomic and comfortable to grip for your ultimate convenience.

Wood working tool kit is important for woodworkers. The package that typically consists of various tools comes in handy to help you get the project done, not to mention they often come with an attractive presentation box. Luckily, most woodworking tools are suitable for beginners and professionals.

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