8 Most Common DIY Wood Working Tools Every Woodworker Must Have

Woodworking has been around for centuries. A lot of tools have been used to transform raw wood materials into something artistic, useful, and meaningful. If you are new to woodworking, it is essential to get to know DIY wood working tools commonly used in the project.

There is a wide array of tools for woodworking. These tools are available in manual and electric versions that can be adjusted to your preferences. No matter if you are an amateur or professional craftsperson, you can always find the perfect tools to improve your woodworking skills.

8 Common DIY Wood Working Tools

Woodworking tools are divided into different purposes to cut, assemble, measure, finish, and hold parts. Take a look at the following tools that are commonly used in DIY woodworking projects.

  1. Saws

Every DIY woodworking project starts with cutting and saws come in handy to get the task done. Coming in different sizes and shapes, you can use either hand saws or power saws to start making shapes. There are circular saws, jigsaws, compound miter saws, and table saws.

  1. Plane

Planes are among DIY wood working tools that are used for smoothing wood for an even surface. The tools commonly have a fixed blade to shave wood fibers and take shape. The blade sizes and depth can be adjusted to your needs.

  1. Hammer

A hammer is an assembly tool that is normally used to do double tasks: pounding and prying. The design of hammer tools varies depending on the uses. For instance, smooth-headed hammers are suitable for finishing while serrated ones are used for gripping nails.

  1. Drill

A power drill is among DIY woodworking tools for beginners. Electric drills are suitable for drilling but you can add more functions by purchasing sorts of attachments.

  1. Sanders

Sanders is often used for wood finishing. Working with sandpapers, you can choose between regular and orbital sanders. While orbital sanders use sandpaper pads that revolve in a circular pattern, regular sanders use a circular sandpaper disk that spins in a circle.

  1. Tape Measure

Every woodworker needs to measure the wood before cutting, that’s why tape measure is a must. As one of the basic DIY wood working tools, tape measure has various types including flexible tapes, retractable steel tapes, and folding rules.

  1. Square

A square is a basic tool for every woodworking project. It lets you create precise angles and measure wood surfaces because most of them have ruler markings. There are different types of squares, such as framing squares, miter squares, and bevel squares.

  1. Files

In addition to sanders, there are files to smooth and shape wood. Files are commonly made of steel and are relatively cheap. You can choose between rough-edged files, half-round files, and mill files, each of which has different functions.

There is a plethora of DIY wood working tools to complete your project. However, it is not necessary for you to purchase all of them. Instead, you can start with must-have tools like saws, planes, tape measures, hammers, and drills that are basic. As your skills improve, you have more tools to choose from.

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